Why TalentCheetah

People.  Projects.  Purpose.

TalentCheetah is the first online talent marketplace dedicated exclusively  to freelance project
and program management
work opportunities.  

68% of organizations rely on outsourced project managers for their critical initiatives!

Now, more than ever, your expertise is in high demand; yet, there is no one-stop solution focused on connecting you directly with prospective clients.  

We are excited to offer you our solution to this industry-wide problem: TalentCheetah's SmartMatch Service.  We leverage technology to instantly match you with quality clients and exciting projects! 

Our innovative service is built to meet your unique needs whether you are a career freelancer,  a full-time employee seeking supplemental project work, a retired PM looking for part-time opportunities or somewhere in-between!  

Interested in transitioning into project consulting but don't know where to start?  TalentCheetah de-risks your journey to independence by giving you direct access to clients, free coaching and mentoring and free membership to a vibrant community of diverse and experienced project professionals. 

Apply today to join the fastest growing community for freelance project and program management practitioners. It's FREE to join and FREE to browse project opportunities!





SmartMatch Service Overview

  • Be your own Boss  As an independent contractor, you are self-employed and not an employee.
  • Accelerated Hiring  Get hired in minutes not months!
  • One Profile, hundreds of jobs  Your customizable TalentCheetah profile is your remarkable difference. 
  • $0 start-up costs No account upgrade, subscription or hidden fees. 
  • Connect directly with Clients  No go-between agencies or recruiters.
  • Save Time and Money  Skip expensive marketing campaigns.  We bring clients to you.
  • Robust Client Pipeline  Access our pipeline of projects anytime and from anywhere.
  • Single source for freelance Project Work  All projects posted on TalentCheetah are freelance / 1099 opportunities. 
  • Autonomy & Flexibility We power your full autonomy in client, pay rate, and project selection (*Rates start at $65/hour).
  • No Global Competitive Bidding TalentCheetah Professionals are U.S.-based to mitigate hourly rate deflation.
  • Try before you Commit  Work with clients on a contractual basis before accepting a full-time employment offer.
  • Convenience  Track hours and receive payments quickly and securely through the TalentCheetah platform.
  • Payment Guarantee  If you do the work, you will get paid.  We guarantee it!*

*Refer to our Terms of Service for details.

Freelancer FAQ

1. Am I eligible to join the TalentCheetah Marketplace as a Professional?

The minimum eligibility requirements to join the TalentCheetah marketplace as a freelance project or program management Professional are:

  1. Must have at least 4 years of project and / or program management experience (*any industry / any market segment).
  2. Must be legally authorized to work in the Unites States (*visa sponsorship is not available).
  3. Must speak, read and write English fluently.
  4. Must have access to basic work resources including a computer or smart device and high-speed internet.

*TalentCheetah verifies that applicants meet minimum requirements prior to acceptance.

2. What type of project work can I find on TalentCheetah?

TalentCheetah business clients are from diverse industries including high technology, healthcare, financial services, energy, utilities, higher education, non-profit, real estate, manufacturing and more. You can find part-time contract work, full-time contract work, onsite work, remote work and everything in-between.

Common Project Types

  1. Software Implementation / Migration / Digital Transformation
  2. New Product Introduction
  3. Infrastructure & Deployment
  4. Cloud Services & Security
  5. Business Process Optimization
  6. PMO Implementation & Optimization
  7. Project Management Training, Coaching & Consultancy
  8. Change Management
  9. Sales enablement & Marketing
  10. Mergers & Acquisitions

3. What types of businesses use TalentCheetah Services?

We work with any organization seeking greater speed and autonomy in their project management hiring quest.  A critical component of TalentCheetah's mission is to democratize premium PM talent for historically underrepresented clients such as very small businesses.  We believe that all clients should have access to high-quality project professionals when they need them.   

We serve:

  1. Small-to-medium sized businesses
  2. Consulting firms
  3. Fortune 1000 Companies
  4. Family-owned businesses
  5. Schools / Educational organizations
  6. Non-profit and Faith-based Organizations 
  7. Start-Ups
  8. Entrepreneurs / Solopreneurs

4. How much does TalentCheetah cost?

It is free to create a profile and free to browse project work opportunities. TalentCheetah collects a service fee from Professionals only after they are hired by a client and start work. The Service Fee is automatically deducted prior to payment disbursement.

SmartMatch Service Fee (for Freelancers)

Freelance Professionals are billed a 15% service fee per contract for hourly or fixed fee agreements.  (Hourly Example:  A $120/hour contract nets the freelance Professional $102/hour for the duration of the project.  Fixed Fee Example:  A $5K fixed fee contract nets the Professional $4250).

5. How long does it take to get accepted into the TalentCheetah network?

We receive hundreds of applications each week and aim to review them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Our standard approval time frame ranges from 48 hours to a few weeks.



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TalentCheetah is a digital talent marketplace that makes it fast and easy for any business in any industry to hire project and product management experts. We are not a staffing agency,  job board, or consulting firm. We leverage our technology platform to instantly match you with pre-screened, high-quality project and program management experts who can help you scale.