Freelancer FAQ

1. What is TalentCheetah?
TalentCheetah is the first online talent marketplace dedicated exclusively to connecting freelance project and program management Professionals with clients for project-based work.

2. Who are the TalentCheetah Professionals?
Our project and program management Professionals have graduated from top schools in the world and have worked at well-known companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, McKinsey and Cisco.

They are experienced Professionals who have joined the burgeoning freelance workforce for various reasons including work-life balance, flexibility and client/project autonomy.

3. Am I eligible to join the TalentCheetah Marketplace as a Professional?
The minimum eligibility requirements to join the TalentCheetah marketplace as a freelance project or program management Professional are:

  1. Must have at least 4 years of project and / or program management experience (*any industry / any market segment).
  2. Must be legally authorized to work in the Unites States (*visa sponsorship is not available).
  3. Must speak, read and write English fluently.
  4. Must have access to basic work resources including a computer or smart device and high-speed internet.

*TalentCheetah verifies that applicants meet minimum requirements prior to acceptance.

4. Are TalentCheetah Professionals screened prior to acceptance into the marketplace?
Yes. Every TalentCheetah Professional passes our 25-step AACE (Aptitude, Attitude, Communication and Expertise) vetting process. We rigorously pre-screen candidates to expedite your hiring.


5. What types of clients use TalentCheetah’s Services?
We work with any organization seeking greater speed and autonomy in their project management hiring quest.  A critical component of TalentCheetah's mission is the democratization of premium PM talent for historically underrepresented clients such as very small businesses.  We believe that all clients should have access to high-quality project professionals when they need them.   

We serve:

  1. Small-to-medium sized businesses
  2. Consulting firms
  3. Fortune 1000 Companies
  4. Family-owned businesses
  5. Schools / Educational organizations
  6. Non-profit and Faith-based organizations
  7. Start-Up Companies
  8. Individuals / Entrepreneurs / Solopreneurs

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6. What type of project work will I find on TalentCheetah?
TalentCheetah clients are from diverse industries including high technology, healthcare, financial services, energy, utilities, higher education, non-profit, real estate, legal services, manufacturing and more.  You can find part-time contract work, full-time contract work, onsite work, remote work and everything in-between.

Common Project Types

  1. Software Implementation / Migration / Digital Transformation
  2. New Product Introduction
  3. Infrastructure & Deployment
  4. Cloud Services & Security
  5. Business Process Optimization
  6. PMO Implementation & Optimization
  7. Project Management Training, Coaching & Consultancy
  8. Change Management
  9. Sales Enablement & Marketing
  10. Mergers & Acquisitions

7. Are projects posted on TalentCheetah for remote work only?
No.  Any project type can be posted on TalentCheetah including remote work, onsite work, part-time contract work, full-time contract work and everything in-between.

8. Are projects posted on TalentCheetah for flexible work only?
No.  We recognize that our clients have diverse needs and project requirements.  And so do you! 

This is why TalentCheetah does not place limits on the type of project work opportunities available through our platform.  Who better to decide what works for you than YOU? 

9. Do I become an employee of TalentCheetah when I join the marketplace?
No.  All Professionals in our elite network are independent contractors.  They join our network for greater autonomy in client, work, pay rate and schedule selection.  TalentCheetah Professionals are self-employed freelancers and are not employees of TalentCheetah nor the Client.

10. What is TalentCheetah’s Pricing Structure for Freelance Professionals?
It is always FREE to sign-up to join the TalentCheetah network.  If you are approved to join, it is FREE to browse project work opportunities.

TalentCheetah bills a service fee only after  you are hired by a client and start project work.  

Freelance Professionals are billed a 15% service fee per contract.  (Example:  A $120/hour contract nets you $102/hour for the duration of the project)

11. Do I really get to negotiate my hourly rate or fixed fee directly with clients?
Yes!  TalentCheetah’s goal is to connect you with exciting project opportunities at a commensurate hourly rate or fixed fee.  This is why we empower YOU to negotiate and finalize these terms directly with clients before you are hired for a project.  Of course, we are always here to provide you with our recommendations based on our personal experience and industry data.  

We understand that every project varies in scope and level of complexity.  As such, our rate structure flexibly accommodates these variances while empowering your autonomy in negotiation. 

There is no need to keep your rate a "secret" from clients to protect data related to our margins.  We advocate for full transparency in this sensitive area which differentiates us from our competitors.  

12. Does TalentCheetah have any hourly rate suggestions that I can use in my negotiations with clients?
Yes!  Below are estimated hourly rates by project management experience level.  Please note that these rates are strictly suggestive and not binding.  Final hourly rates or fixed fees are negotiated directly between you and the client and documented in a TalentCheetah Project Proposal. 

13. How long does it take to get accepted into the TalentCheetah network?
It varies. We receive hundreds of applications each week and aim to review them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Our standard approval time frame ranges from 72 hours to a few weeks.

14. How does TalentCheetah protect my personal user data and privacy?
We understand the criticality of personal user data and privacy protection and take advanced measures to maintain both
the privacy and security of your experience on our platform. Our site requires an SSL-encrypted connection to protect your
personal information on our site.

In addition, Profiles created on our platform are private and not accessible by the public. Only approved TalentCheetah
clients are granted access to our platform and may view profiles. Finally, your personal contact information is not shared in your profile, allowing you to provide this information to clients at your discretion.

15. Do I receive medical benefits, 401K or paid-time-off when I become a TalentCheetah Professional?
No. Professionals in our marketplace are independent contractors and not employees of TalentCheetah. We currently
do not offer medical coverage, 401K or paid-time-off to our Professionals, though we are working to do so in the future.

16. Does TalentCheetah file a 1099 tax form for income I earn through the platform?

 As an Expert Marketplace, TalentCheetah functions as a payment settlement entity (PSE) and files 1099-K tax documents for independent contractors hired and paid through our platform.  We empower our clients and experts to send and receive payments safely through Stripe, our world-renowned payment processing solution.

In the United States, third party settlement organizations such as TalentCheetah are required to file a Form 1099-K with the Internal Revenue Service.

For more information on Form 1099-K and related tax reporting requirements, refer to the IRS FAQs website.

17. Am I responsible for paying taxes on income I earn through TalentCheetah?
Yes. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for paying taxes on income you earn through our platform.  Service fees billed by TalentCheetah are tax deductible.

Please consult with a tax professional on filing requirements and deadlines.  For more information, refer to the IRS Website.

18. Can I find full-time employment opportunities through TalentCheetah?
Yes! This is one of the many benefits of joining our Network. You have the rare opportunity to work directly with a future
employer to gauge culture, work ethic and fit. Offers of full-time employment may be extended by clients to any TalentCheetah Professional.  Please refer to our Terms of Service for details.

19. How do I track my work hours?
TalentCheetah has a time tracking solution that makes it easy for you to report and track your hours.  TalentCheetah uses your logged hours to conveniently invoice your client for work completed within a given two-week billing period.  

20. How and when do I get paid?
TalentCheetah will invoice your client on your behalf.  For hourly contracts, clients will be invoiced every two weeks.  For fixed fee contracts, clients will be invoiced per the payment terms you set forth in the TalentCheetah Project Proposal pre-hire.  For secure payouts, TalentCheetah has partnered with Stripe, a world-renowned payment solution.  Payments, minus the TalentCheetah service fee, will be deposited directly to your Stripe account.  You can transfer your Stripe funds directly to your bank account at no charge.

As part of our Terms of Service, all client payments must be processed through TalentCheetah.

21. May I request or receive payments from clients outside of the TalentCheetah platform?
No. Payment Processing is a key component of our overall business service.

Requesting or receiving payments outside of our platform is a serious violation of our Terms of Service. To avoid legal action or removal from our marketplace, please ensure all payments from clients are made through TalentCheetah.

22. Does my client have access to my hours logged for their project?
Yes. Clients have "view" access to your time tracking for their open projects.

To avoid payment delays, please respond to your client in a timely manner should they have any questions about your logged hours.     

23. What can I expect after I apply to become a TalentCheetah Professional?
After submitting your application online, you will receive an email confirmation.  If you pass our internal application review, we will reach out to you directly to schedule an interview.

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24.Do TalentCheetah Professionals bid on projects?
No. TalentCheetah is not a bidding site. You and your client negotiate final project terms, including the hourly rate or fixed fee, prior to work commencement.

25. How and when do I connect with potential clients?
Once you are accepted into our network and complete your online registration, you will instantly appear in client match results for projects.

In addition, you will be granted access to all open projects posted by TalentCheetah clients and have an option to apply to
projects for which you feel you are a good fit. Leverage our built-in collaboration tools, such as real-time messaging, to accelerate your time-to-hire.

26. What documents must be completed before getting started with my Client?
A Project Proposal, with includes the final negotiated hourly rate or fixed fee for a project and payment terms, must be completed prior to the commencement of project work. 

In addition, though not required by TalentCheetah, your client may request that you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or other relevant contracts.  Please note, TalentCheetah is not Party to any outside contracts agreed to between you and the Client.

27. What should I do if the actual project duration extends beyond the estimated duration documented in the Project Proposal?
Continue business as usual with your client.  All platform features and support are available through completion of your project even if the timeframe extends beyond the estimated duration in the Project Proposal.

28.Does TalentCheetah provide any assistance if I encounter issues with my client?
Yes!  Our goal is to ensure you have a positive experience using our service.  Your complete satisfaction is critical to us.
In the unlikely event that you encounter an issue with a TalentCheetah client, please email us at  We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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