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Work directly with experienced project and program management Professionals who have been employed by some of the most reputable names in business such as Google, Apple, Facebook and McKinsey.  

Our Professionals have a minimum of 4 and an average of 16 years of project management experience and have graduated from some of the most distinguished colleges in the world.   Whether you are seeking a project manager with a few years of experience or a seasoned executive advisor, our network has the right talent to meet your needs, right now.

  • 16 average years of experience
  • Highly vetted
  • Diverse industry experience and project management expertise

Screening Process

 Every TalentCheetah Professional has passed our rigorous 25-step AACE (Aptitude, Attitude, Communication and Expertise) screening process.  We do the upfront vetting to accelerate your time-to-hire. 

Step 1. Freelancer Application

collect work history, domain expertise, software & systems experience information directly from Professional.

freelancers mUST apply to join the TalentCheetah marketplace. We gather key professional data including work history, domain expertise, systems, software, project and industry experience.  Only select applicants move on to Step 2, Freelancer Verification.

Step 2. Freelancer Verification

Verify employment.  Contact references.  Confirm work history.

Our trained staff conducts an in-depth applicant review to fact-check information in a freelancer’s application including experience, work history, education and credentials.

In keeping with our core values of trust and transparency, we directly contact past employers and references to confirm the identity and credibility of each Professional.  Only select applicants will move on to Step 3, the Freelancer Interview.

Step 3. Freelancer Interview

Experienced hiring managers.  Industry-specific interview questions.

Each freelancer applicant is interviewed via a video call or in person.  Trained project management hiring managers will pose industry-specific questions to validate an applicant’s skill set, communication and problem-solving capabilities.

Our primary objective is to admit only ace talent into our freelancer community.  Freelancers who pass their interview will move on to Step 4, Freelancer Onboarding.

Step 4. Freelancer Onboarding

Client engagement training.  Best practices review.  Platform training.

The purpose of this critical step is to prepare freelancers to work effectively and seamlessly with you, our valued client.  TalentCheetah is committed to promoting a positive and mutually beneficial relationship between our clients and our freelancers.  

Step 5. Freelancer Reviews

Real-time feedback from trusted talentcheetah clients.

 Following the completion of a project, clients are encouraged to rate their experience and provide candid feedback about the quality of service delivered by their Professional. 

Feedback is posted to the Freelancer's profile for review by future clients.

This feedback process is designed to provide valuable insights into a freelancer’s project performance and helps TalentCheetah retain only the highest quality talent.



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