Client FAQ

1. What is TalentCheetah?
TalentCheetah is the first-ever talent marketplace dedicated exclusively to helping smart businesses find and hire expert 1099 project consultants for hourly or fixed fee, temporary and project-based work.

2. Who are the TalentCheetah Professionals?
Our project and program management Professionals have graduated from top schools in the world and have worked at well-known companies like Google, Microsoft, McKinsey and Facebook. They are experienced Professionals who have joined the burgeoning freelance workforce for various reasons including work-life balance and client/project autonomy.

3. How are TalentCheetah Professionals screened?
Every TalentCheetah Professional has passed our rigorous 25-step AACE (Aptitude, Attitude, Communication and Expertise) screening process.  We do the upfront heavy-lifting to accelerate your time-to-hire!


4. What types of businesses use TalentCheetah’s Services?
We work with any organization looking for greater speed and autonomy in the hiring process without the exorbitant fees.  Since we focus exclusively on curating project and program management talent, we assist businesses of all sizes in any industry by connecting them with top project and program management freelancers.  Sign up today.  It’s FREE!


We serve:
1.   Small-to-medium sized businesses
2.   Consulting firms
3.   Fortune 1000 Companies
4.   Family-owned businesses
5.   Schools / Educational organizations
6.   Non-profit and Faith-based organizations
7.   Start-Up Companies
8.   Entrepreneurs / Solopreneurs 

5. What types of projects can I get help with?
Our trained project and program management Professionals can assist you with any type of project or program.   They come from a variety of industries and have diverse domain expertise and project experiences.  Below is a list of our most common project types.

1.   Information Technology / IT Services / Digital Transformation
2.   Software Implementation & Migration
3.   New Product Introduction
4.   Infrastructure & Deployment
5.   Cloud Services & Security
6.   Business Process Optimization & Change Management
7.   PMO Implementation & Optimization
8.   Project Management Training, Coaching & Consultancy
9.   Sales Enablement & Marketing
10. Mergers & Acquisitions

6. Are projects posted on TalentCheetah for remote work only?

No.  Any project type can be posted on TalentCheetah including remote work, onsite work, part-time contract work, full-time contract work or somewhere in-between.  Our diverse network of Professionals is available to meet your unique project requirements.

7. Are Professionals employees of TalentCheetah?
No.  All Professionals in our elite network are independent contractors / consultants who have made the decision to join the nearly 45% of the U.S. workforce currently freelancing.  They join our network for greater autonomy in client, work, pay and schedule selection.  

8. Am I responsible for medical benefits, insurance or paid time off for TalentCheetah Professionals?
No. This is one of the many benefits of hiring a Professional through TalentCheetah.  Professionals in our network are independent contractors; therefore, you forgo the additional overhead required when hiring a full-time employee including medical benefits and paid-time-off.

9. Am I responsible for filing a 1099 tax form for the Professionals I hire through TalentCheetah?
No. A key benefit of hiring a Professional through TalentCheetah is that you are not responsible for filing 1099 tax forms for experts you hire.  TalentCheetah handles 1099-K IRS filing and reporting. 

As an Expert Marketplace, TalentCheetah functions as a third-party settlement organization.  We empower our clients and experts to send and receive payments safely through Stripe, our world-renowned payment processing partner.

For more information on this important topic, please refer to these FAQs on the IRS Website related to requirements specific to third party settlement organizations like TalentCheetah.

10. Do I have the option to extend an offer of full-time employment to a TalentCheetah Professional?
Yes!  Offers of full-time employment may be extended to any Professional in our network who has completed project work for you through TalentCheetah.  Please refer to Section 1.17 in our Terms of Service for full details.

11.What is TalentCheetah’s Pricing Structure?

For Clients who Hire an Expert (You!)
There are no upfront costs, fees or subscription requirements.  Posting projects and browsing available talent is always FREE.  Pay only after you find and hire a Professional and pay only the hourly rate or fixed fee you negotiate.  

Offers of full-time employment may be extended to any Professional for a one-time conversion fee of 15% of the negotiated annual salary, payable by the organization extending the offer.  Refer to Section 1.17 of our Terms of Service for details.  

For Professionals (the Expert you hire)
Freelance Professionals are billed a 15% service fee per contract.  (Example: A $120/ hour contract nets the freelance Professional $102/hour). 

12. How do I pay my Professional? 
You will receive an emailed invoice from TalentCheetah every two weeks, on behalf of your professional, for services delivered during that billing period. 

Conveniently pay your invoice via bank-to-bank ACH (free / no fees) or any major credit card.  Note:  Credit card payments incur a 3% processing fee, billed to the hiring organization.    

All payments to Professionals must be made through TalentCheetah.  You will be required to confirm your billing information and preferred  payment method prior to commencing work with your Professional. 

For businesses with preferred or complex AP processes, we are happy to discuss alternate payment arrangements.  We are Agile!

13. When do I pay my Professional? 
Conveniently pay your Professional every two weeks. Payment terms are net 5 calendar days from receipt of emailed invoice.

14. May I make payments to my Professional outside of the TalentCheetah platform?
No.  Payment Processing is a key component of our overall business service.  Making payments outside of our platform is a violation of our Terms of Service.  To avoid removal from our marketplace, please ensure all payments to Professionals are made through TalentCheetah.

15. May I review hours logged by my Professional prior to payment processing?
Yes.  You can review and approve all hours logged prior to payment processing.  You will have real-time access to hours logged by your Professional for the duration of your project.

16. Are the project terms I included in my posted project, such as hourly rate, fixed fee and number of hours per week, legally binding?
No. We ask that you supply this data upfront in order to match you with talent that best meets your project requirements.  

Final project terms, including hourly rate and start date, are negotiated directly with your Professional and documented in their TalentCheetah Project Proposal.   Freelancers must complete a Project Proposal for your engagement, that you must approve, before they commence project work.

17. How does TalentCheetah protect my data and privacy?
We understand the criticality of data and privacy protection and take advanced measures to maintain both the privacy and security of your experience on our platform. Our site requires a SSL-encrypted connection to protect your personal information on our site.  

In addition, projects you post on TalentCheetah are not publicly accessible.  They can only be viewed by the elite network of project professionals who have passed our rigorous prescreen process.  Posted projects do not contain your business name or contact information which allows you to share this private data with prospective hires at your sole discretion.   

18. What can I expect after I post my project?
Immediately after posting your project, TalentCheetah’s proprietary data-driven algorithm will match you with a Top3 list of available Professionals.  You can reach out to them immediately using our built-in collaboration tools, or browse our talent network to invite additional candidates to apply.  

In addition, your newly posted project can be made visible to all freelancers in our approved network.  They can apply to your role directly if they feel they are a good fit.  Your company name and contact information is never published in your posted project allowing you to share private data at your discretion.


19. Do TalentCheetah Professionals bid on my project?
No.  TalentCheetah is not a bidding site.  You and your Professional directly negotiate final project terms, including the hourly rate or fixed fee, prior to work commencement. 

20. How do I hire a TalentCheetah Professional?
Login to your client account and click the "Hire" button for the Professional you have selected for your project.  It's that easy!   

21. What documents must be completed before getting started with my Professional?
TalentCheetah requires that a Freelancer complete an online Project Proposal for your project prior to getting started.  You have an opportunity to review and approve all proposals.  

Though not required by TalentCheetah, we encourage clients to request that their Professional sign other pertinent contracts, such as a Consulting Agreement and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), before project commencement.  Please note that TalentCheetah is not a Party to such outside contracts.  For free downloadable templates, visit our templates page.  


22. What should I do if my project duration extends beyond the estimated duration in the Project Proposal?
Continue business as usual with your freelancer.  All platform features are available through completion of your project even if the timeframe extends beyond the original estimate in your Project Proposal.   

23. Does TalentCheetah provide any assistance if I encounter issues with my hired Professional?
Yes.  Our goal is to ensure you have a positive experience using our service.  Your complete satisfaction is critical to us.  In the unlikely event that you have an issue with a TalentCheetah Professional, email us at  We will respond within 24 hours.

24. Does TalentCheetah have a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee?
Yes.  In the extremely rare case that a TalentCheetah freelancer does not meet your expectations within the first 30 days of work commencement, we will assign a dedicated staff member to partner with you to find an immediate replacement.  Email anytime for assistance.  



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